🗞️ Pension scheme trust

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A pension scheme trust is a trust set up to provide benefits to employees after they retire. The trust is usually set up by the employer, and the employees make contributions to the trust. The trust is then used to pay the employees' pension benefits.

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🗞️ Pension scheme trust


Standard Trust Deed And Rules For Pension Scheme (Private Sector)

A standard-form trust deed and rules for a private-sector occupational pension scheme providing benefits on a final-salary, career-average, and money purchase basis.

What to watch out for

  • The standard
  • form trust deed and rules for a private
  • sector occupational pension scheme providing benefits on a final
  • salary, career
  • average and money purchase basis.
  • The scheme's trustees and the employer(s) who are party to the scheme.
  • The scheme's beneficiaries (i.e. the members and their dependants).
  • The scheme's assets and how they are held/invested.
  • The scheme's liabilities, including any unfunded benefits.
  • The scheme's funding arrangements, including any deficit.
  • The scheme's governing law and jurisdiction.
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