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A pension scheme trust is a trust set up to provide benefits to employees after they retire. The trust is usually set up by the employer, and the employees make contributions to the trust. The trust is then used to pay the employees' pension benefits.

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🗞️ Pension scheme trust


Standard Trust Deed And Rules For Pension Scheme (Private Sector)

This legal template pertains to a standard trust deed and rules for a pension scheme in the private sector under UK law. A trust deed is a legal document that sets out the terms and conditions of a trust, while rules define the structure, administration, and operation of the pension scheme.

The template outlines the specific legal provisions, regulatory requirements, and guidelines for establishing and managing a pension scheme for employees in the private sector according to UK law. It covers various essential aspects, such as eligibility criteria for scheme membership, contribution levels, investment strategies, benefits payable, and retirement age.

The trust deed and rules aim to ensure compliance with current legislation, industry best practices, and regulatory guidelines such as those set by the UK Pensions Regulator. They establish the fiduciary responsibilities and obligations of the scheme trustees, administrators, employers, and members involved in the pension scheme.

Overall, this legal template serves as a comprehensive framework for establishing and managing a compliant and well-structured pension scheme for private sector employees in the UK, providing clarity and legal certainty to all parties involved.
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