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Marketing Engineer


Legal Engineering Intern


Senior Javascript Engineer

London, United Kingdom

Lead Frontend Javascript Engineer

London, United Kingdom


Our Culture

Align company and personal goals

Share knowledge, grow together

Never compromise quality

Everyone has an equal voice

Freedom to own what you do 

Think big, take massive risk

Work should be fun!

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Meet the Team

I'm Head of Product, and I love that I've finally been able to unleash my creative side, after many years as a lawyer! Designing the product with this talented team is so rewarding, and it's genuinely exciting seeing it emerge and grow. When I'm not being a Genie, I'm a Mum to twin 4 year old boys...which doesn't leave time for much else...other than the odd glass of wine!

Fiona Booth

Head of Product

I work at Genie as a backend engineer, mainly focused on platform and architecture scalability, security and quality. In my free time I like to play piano, practice sport or meditate since i found this very helpful for my work and my life.

Daniele Tassone

Lead Backend Engineer

What makes Genie great? We all have our own interests - some of us love contract law, others neural nets, and that’s not to mention painting, running, meditation, you name it.

And yet, we’ve all come together to build something amazing, and we’re really excited to share it.

Megan Laubershimer

Business Development Analyst

Genie is special to me, as I get to work on one of the most complex and real problems in the world along with the talented team we have built. Besides, I love whiteboards 🤓

Nitish Mutha


I work at Genie as a Quality engineer who shows the red, yellow and green light to go live or stop. I bridge the gap in business & product. When I am not bugging my dev team, I am a poet, painter, into fashion and nomad with camera who meditates.

Pooja Sharma

Quality Engineer

I try and put abstract research topics and even crazier product feature requests into the product. I also know how to lamb a sheep.

Anthony Hartshorn

Machine Learning Engineer

I implement Python NLP code in a (hopefully) performant, scalable and reliable fashion. I have code in Python core, an unhealthy relationship with his IDE, emacs, and given the chance will bore you to death about ontologies, schemata and the law.

Tom Wright

Python Engineer

My role at Genie is a Frontend Developer, responsible for implementing visual and interactive components with highly designed architecture that our users engage with when using our application. To cheer myself up, I love freestyle dancing.

Kritika Mehta

Frontend Engineer

There are 2 hard problems in computer science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-1 errors.

Mateo Jovani

Frontend Engineer

I like to have long chats with our customers and build the most high performing, talented team in the world. In my spare time I enjoy reading, meditation and improving my average-to-poor mathematics.

Rafie Faruq


Our Benefits

Top of the line MacBook Pro or Air
Customisable desk gadgets
Unlimited business or technology books
Subscription to The Lawyer
Regular knowledge sharing sessions with experts
Regular meditation and wellbeing sessions
Team dinners
Work from home
External training available on request
Unlimited holiday
Cycle to work scheme

Our Technology

We are an equal opportunities employer

At Genie, we’re passionate about what we do and we’re committed to creating a diverse environment. Whilst we’re on the cutting edge of innovation, it’s all about the people. We embrace differences and hire based on merit, giving equal consideration to all applications, regardless of gender, background or race.