The Genie Community - now in beta!


Hi, Nitish and Rafie here, founders of Genie AI. 

Imagine having  access to the collective intelligence of thousands of legal precedents, all at your fingertips. Doing business in a legally sound way is critical for every company, yet the industry remains complex, expensive and hard to access. Hang on, and we’ll tell you how we’re here to solve that. 

It has been more than two and a half years since we embarked on a journey to re-imagine the law. Before that, we’d both spent a decade collectively in the corporate world as well as coding our entire lives. After graduating with Master’s degrees in Machine Learning and being taught by Google Deepmind, we started Genie AI on the deep tech accelerator Entrepreneur First. Whilst working there, we’d keep a pile of carrots in the middle of the table so we could code day and night without having to leave the office. 

Today, Genie has grown into a big family with a world class, diverse team from around the world. Our team are not only experts in law, computer science and machine learning, but in a lot of other areas too; from playing musical instruments, running marathons, reading every book ever, meditation, mathematics and more.

Improving our breath work with a breathing expert who has taught at Google Deepmind and Downing Street. 

After just eight months of running the company, we shook hands on investment from one of the top investors in Europe, along with seven world-class angels (such as the former Head of Strategy at Microsoft, a former MD at Goldmans, two former VPs at EF and more).

During this time, we were fortunate enough to to pilot our product with some of the top law firms in the world. The feedback from those lawyers, partners and innovation managers has been instrumental in shaping our technology. 

Our quarterly meeting in a Bedouin tent; no, we’re not a cult (well, maybe).

Despite that, we were surprised at how inaccessible and complex legal documents have become over time. As two founders who’ve spent their lives in software development, we were astonished that unlike software, legal knowledge is not openly shared with others, but hidden behind the big walls of large firms. The law exists to provide justice to everyone, yet ordinary people can’t easily access it. 

Moreover, the way the legal industry is structured, no single player is incentivised to change the system. We realised that if we really wanted to create a step change, we couldn’t just make a “value-add” technology; we had to totally reinvent the system.

This has led us to launch our beta, and we are happy to announce it’s now ready for use by businesses. Genie is all about community and open access to legal knowledge. We believe that with the collective intelligence of our community, machine learning and unparalleled market insights, Genie can provide you with not just rapid legal docs, but actually inform you of new ways to do business. We want to put an end to the days where lawyers are seen to hold back business, but instead enable them to add value to the business, becoming a vital part of the decision-making. Put simply, we want lawyers to shine. 

If you want to join us in rebuilding the legal industry with open access to knowledge, request your invite now to be part of the Genie Community.