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A website terms of use is a contract between the website and the user that sets out the rules the user must follow when using the website. The terms of use will cover things like what the user can and cannot do on the website, and will also include a disclaimer of liability from the website.

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💻 Website terms of use


Website Acceptable Use Policy (aup)

Website Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is a legal template that outlines the rules and regulations governing the use of a website or online platform under UK law. This document establishes guidelines and expectations for individuals or entities using the website, ensuring compliance with relevant laws and protecting the website owner's rights. The AUP covers a wide range of topics such as user behavior, content restrictions, intellectual property rights, prohibited activities, privacy and data protection, user-generated content, and consequences for non-compliance with the policy. The purpose of this template is to provide website owners with a comprehensive and legally sound document that clearly defines acceptable and unacceptable uses of their website, thus mitigating potential legal risks and ensuring a safe and lawful online environment for all users.
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Website acceptable use policy

1. A website acceptable use policy helps to ensure that users understand what they can and cannot do on a website. 2. This can help to prevent misuse of a website, and can also help to protect the website from legal liability. 3. A website acceptable use policy can also help to improve the user experience by making it clear what activities are permitted.