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Statutory maternity pay is a notice that is given to an employee who is pregnant and who meets the eligibility requirements under the law. The notice sets out the employee's entitlement to statutory maternity pay, which is a payment from the employer to the employee for the period of maternity leave. The notice also sets out the conditions under which the employee is entitled to receive the payment, such as the length of service with the employer and the employee's earnings.

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💼 Statutory maternity pay notice


Notice Of Employee's Statutory Maternity Or Adoption Leave And Pay Ending

The legal template "Notice Of Employee's Statutory Maternity Or Adoption Leave And Pay Ending under UK law" serves as a formal document that employers can use to notify their employees about the conclusion of their statutory maternity or adoption leave and pay entitlements. In the United Kingdom, employees have certain rights and entitlements related to maternity and adoption leave, including the length of leave and receiving statutory pay during this period.

This template acts as an official notification that the employee's statutory leave and pay entitlements are coming to an end, indicating the specific date on which such entitlements will cease. It also provides information regarding any outstanding entitlements, any necessary return-to-work arrangements, and any remaining rights the employee may have following the conclusion of their leave period.

By using this legally sound template, employers can ensure that the employee is duly informed of their rights and obligations, as well as the actions they need to take once their maternity or adoption leave and pay period concludes. This document helps employers to maintain compliance with UK employment laws and fosters effective communication with their employees, promoting a smooth transition back to work.
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