๐Ÿ”– Slavery and human trafficking statement

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A slavery and human trafficking statement is a document which sets out an organisation's commitment to combating slavery and human trafficking in their business and supply chains. It also sets out the steps they have taken to do this. The statement must be published on an organisation's website and must be signed by a senior person within the organisation.

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๐Ÿ”– Slavery and human trafficking statement


Section 54 Slavery And Human Trafficking Statement (Sample For Commerial Company)

The legal template, "Section 54 Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement (Sample for Commercial Company) under UK Law," is a document designed to assist commercial companies in complying with the legal obligations set forth by Section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015. This section requires businesses to disclose the steps they have taken to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking within their organization and supply chains.

The template provides a clear framework for companies to draft their own slavery and human trafficking statement, ensuring they fulfill their legal obligations as well as demonstrate their commitment to ethical business practices. It outlines the important sections and key information that should be included in the statement, such as an organization's structure, policies, supplier due diligence processes, risk assessments, training programs, and the degree of engagement with employees, contractors, and suppliers on these matters.

By utilizing this legal template, commercial companies can create a comprehensive and transparent statement that reflects their efforts to prevent and combat slavery and human trafficking. This document not only helps companies meet their legal requirements and avoid potential penalties, but it also signals the organization's dedication to addressing one of the most significant human rights issues of our time. Overall, this legal template empowers commercial companies to take a proactive stance against modern slavery and work towards a more responsible and ethical business environment.
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Slavery and human trafficking statement

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