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The Shared Parental Leave (SPL) Opt-In Notice is a document that employees must sign if they wish to be eligible to take SPL. The notice must be signed before the employee goes on leave and returned to the employer. The notice covers the employee's right to take SPL, the amount of leave they are entitled to, and the conditions of taking SPL.

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💼 Shared parental leave opt-in notice


Intention To Take Shared Parental Leave Notice (Adoption)

The "Intention To Take Shared Parental Leave Notice (Adoption) under UK law" is a legal template that outlines the formal notice provided by an employee who intends to take shared parental leave after adopting a child in the United Kingdom.

This template serves as a framework for the expecting parents to formally communicate their intention to their employer regarding their desire to share the parental responsibilities following the adoption. The document implements the requirements specified in the UK Shared Parental Leave Regulations and ensures compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

The template typically includes key details such as the employee's name, contact information, adoption information (e.g., date of placement or expected placement of the child), and the start and end dates of the intended shared parental leave. It also provides a section for employees to specify any statutory entitlements they wish to take, such as maternity or paternity leave.

By utilizing this template, the adopting parents ensure that they comply with legal requirements, provide their employer with sufficient notice, and establish a formal record of their intention to take shared parental leave. It helps create a transparent and documented process that protects the employee's rights and ensures their entitlement to take a period of leave to bond with and care for their newly adopted child.
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Shared parental leave

Shared parental leave opt-in notice can be given by either parent to their employer to start a period of shared parental leave. The opt-in notice must be given no later than 8 weeks before the start of the shared parental leave. Shared parental leave can be taken by either parent, or both parents at the same time, to care for their child in the first year after birth or adoption. It can be taken in blocks of time, or all at once, and can be taken at any time up until the child’s first birthday or within one year of adoption. Shared parental leave is a great way to support new parents in the first year after their child is born or adopted. It can help to reduce the amount of time that the child spends in childcare, and can help to promote bonding between parent and child.