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A share plan conditions is a document that sets out the rules and regulations surrounding the purchase and ownership of shares in a company. It covers topics such as share classifications, rights and privileges, transfer restrictions, and other important information.

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💵 Share plan conditions


Time and Performance Based Share Option Scheme Rules (Non Tax-Advantaged)

This legal template pertains to the establishment and regulation of a Time and Performance Based Share Option Scheme under UK law. Specifically, this scheme does not offer any tax advantages typically associated with other share option schemes.

The template will likely include a set of rules, guidelines, and contractual provisions that outline the terms and conditions for granting and exercising share options within the scheme. These rules will likely address various aspects, such as eligibility criteria for participants, the method of granting options, vesting periods, performance targets, exercise periods, and the procedure for exercising options.

The template may also provide provisions regarding the treatment of options in case of termination of employment or other relevant circumstances, restrictions on transferability, and any necessary disclosures or consents required by regulatory bodies or authorities.

By adhering to this legally binding template, companies can establish a time and performance-based share option scheme that rewards employees or stakeholders based on predetermined performance criteria, thereby incentivizing positive outcomes and aligning the interests of participants with the company's long-term objectives.
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