🏰 Sale of freehold agreement

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A sale of freehold agreement is a contract between a buyer and seller for the sale of land or property where the buyer will become the owner of the property. The agreement will set out the terms and conditions of the sale, including the price, and any conditions that must be met by the buyer before the sale is completed.

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🏰 Sale of freehold agreement


Standard Freehold Land Sale Contract (By Company In Liquidation)

This is a contract for the sale of freehold land by a company in liquidation, which incorporates the Standard Commercial Property Conditions (Third Edition – 2018 Revision).

What to watch out for

  • The contract should specify the price of the land being sold, as well as any conditions attached to the sale.
  • The contract should be clear as to who is responsible for any outstanding debts or liabilities on the land being sold.
  • The contract should specify what happens if the sale of the land is not completed for any reason.
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    Sell freehold property

    document 1. Someone might want to sell freehold property in order to avoid paying ground rent to the landlord. 2. Another reason someone might want to sell freehold property is to avoid having to get the landlord's permission to make changes to the property. 3. Finally, someone might want to sell freehold property so that they can sell it without having to get the landlord's approval.