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A pre-contract enquiry is a legal process that allows a potential buyer to request information about a property from the seller before entering into a contract. This information can include things like the property's title, any outstanding debts on the property, and any easements or rights of way that exist.

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☘️ Pre-contract enquiry


Simple Pre-Contract Enquiries For Bare Land

This legal template focuses on the pre-contract enquiries related to bare land transactions under UK law. The document provides a set of simplified and fundamental questions that a buyer or seller might consider when entering into such a transaction. A bare land transaction refers to the purchase or sale of land without any existing structures or improvements. The template aims to help parties ensure due diligence and assess the feasibility of acquiring or disposing of a bare land plot. It covers inquiries about key aspects such as access rights, boundaries, planning and development restrictions, existing legal obligations, environmental considerations, potential disputes, and any outstanding liabilities. By addressing these inquiries upfront, the template facilitates effective communication between parties and helps establish a clear legal framework before entering into a contract for the bare land transaction.
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