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A possession claim is a claim made by a person who has been dispossessed of their property, typically by force. The claim may be made against the person who dispossessed them, or against the person who is now in possession of the property. Possession claims are typically made in order to recover the property, or to obtain damages for the loss of possession.

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๐Ÿ“„ Possession claim


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Draft particulars of claim

1. The claimant may feel that they have a strong case and want to set out their claim in detail in order to give the defendant notice of what they are claiming and why. 2. The claimant may want to use the Particulars of Claim as a way of negotiating a settlement with the defendant, by setting out their case in full. 3. The claimant may be required to file Particulars of Claim by a court or tribunal in order to proceed with their claim.