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A patent knowhow licence is a legal agreement between a patent holder and another party that grants the latter permission to use the holder's patented invention. The licence typically covers the use, manufacture and sale of the invention.

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🧠 Patent Knowhow Licence


Sample Patent Knowhow License (Lambert)

This legal template, titled "Sample Patent Knowhow License (Lambert) under UK law," is a standardized document designed to outline the terms and conditions for the licensing of patent-related knowhow. It specifically pertains to licensing agreements falling within the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.

The template would likely cover various aspects of the licensing agreement, including the identification of the parties involved, such as the licensor (the owner of the patent) and the licensee (the entity seeking to use the patented knowhow). It would also outline the scope of the license, specifying the exact patent or patents that are being licensed, as well as any accompanying knowhow or trade secrets provided by the licensor.

Additionally, the template would cover topics related to the rights and obligations of both parties. This might include details about the licensee's usage rights, restrictions on sublicensing, confidentiality requirements, and any specific restrictions on exploitation. The template may also address issues such as indemnification, termination, and dispute resolution mechanisms, all within the context of the UK legal framework.

Given that it is a sample template, it is likely designed to serve as a starting point for future licensing agreements. Users of the template would be expected to tailor and modify its provisions to suit their specific needs and circumstances. It is essential for users to consult with legal professionals to ensure compliance with current UK patent and contract law while adapting the template to their particular licensing requirements.
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License the knowhow from a patent

Agreement 1. A patent knowhow licence agreement can provide the licensee with access to important technical information that is protected by the patent. 2. The agreement can also give the licensee the right to use the patented technology in a specific way. 3. A patent knowhow licence agreement can provide the licensee with certain rights and protections that they would not otherwise have.