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A mutual NDA is an agreement between two parties where both parties agree not to disclose confidential information. The agreement is legally binding and can be enforceable in a court of law.

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🤫 Mutual NDA


NDA for International Acquisitions

This document is a standard form confidentiality agreement (also known as a non-disclosure agreement or NDA) for use in connection with a proposed sale of the entire issued share capital (or equivalent equity interest) or the business and assets of a company incorporated and registered outside the UK, where both the buyer and seller are companies. This agreement is in the form of an agreement rather than a letter.

What to watch out for

  • Make sure that the agreement is in writing and signed by both parties
  • Make sure that the agreement clearly sets out the confidential information that is being protected and the restrictions on its use
  • Make sure that the agreement is clear on who can have access to the confidential information
  • Make sure that the agreement sets out what will happen if the confidential information is leaked or disclosed without authorization
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    Protect confidential information

    There are several reasons why someone might want to protect confidential information. One reason is to prevent the information from being used improperly or for unauthorized purposes. Another reason is to protect the individual or organization who owns the information from being harmed in some way if the information were to be made public. Finally, protecting confidential information can help to maintain the trust between parties who have agreed to keep the information private.