๐Ÿ“‘ Intra company transfer application cover letter

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An intra company transfer cover letter is a letter that an employee writes to their employer to request a transfer to another position within the company. The letter should explain the reasons for the transfer request and how the employee plans to contribute to the new position.

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๐Ÿ“‘ Intra company transfer application cover letter


Standard Application For Intra Company Transfer Switch To Skilled Worker (Letter To Home Office)

The legal template titled "Standard Application For Intra Company Transfer Switch To Skilled Worker (Letter To Home Office)" under UK law is a formal document used for Individuals or employers to apply for an intra-company transfer switch for skilled workers in the United Kingdom.

In the context of UK immigration law, an intra-company transfer enables an employee from an overseas branch or subsidiary of a multinational company to be transferred to the UK branch for a certain period, typically because their specialized skills or knowledge are needed there. However, if the individual wishes to switch their immigration status from an intra-company transfer to a skilled worker category, this application template becomes relevant.

The template includes specific information required to complete the application process. This may include details about the applicant's current work position, their sponsoring employer, the duration and purpose of the transfer, their continuous employment at the overseas branch, and their intention to work in a skilled worker capacity in the UK. Additionally, the letter may provide a justification for the switch, emphasizing how the skilled worker route aligns with the applicant's qualifications and the UK employer's need for their expertise.

By using this legal template, applicants can ensure that they submit a comprehensive and accurate application. As this template is tailored specifically for the UK legal framework, it adheres to the necessary guidelines and regulations set by the Home Office, enhancing the individual's chances of a successful transfer to the skilled worker category.
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An intra company transfer is when an employee of one company moves to another company within the same group of companies. This can be done for a number of reasons, such as for training or to fill a skills shortage.