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A enforcement advice is a written opinion issued by the Department of Justice that sets out the Department's legal opinion on how the law should be interpreted or applied in a particular situation.

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⚖️ Enforcement advice


Enforcing An Employment Tribunal Award (Advice To Employee)

This legal template provides guidance and advice to an employee who has been successful in an employment tribunal and is seeking assistance on enforcing the tribunal's award under UK law. When an employee wins an employment tribunal case against their employer, they are entitled to receive compensation or other remedies as decided by the tribunal. However, employers may sometimes refuse to comply with the tribunal's award, making it necessary for the employee to take further action to enforce the decision. This template serves as a comprehensive resource, outlining the steps and legal options available to employees in such a situation. It covers essential details about enforcing an employment tribunal award, including the necessary forms to complete, relevant deadlines, and the communication process with different authorities, such as ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) and the Employment Tribunal. Additionally, it may provide additional information on potential costs involved in enforcing the award, including legal fees or any other financial implications. Overall, this template aims to empower employees with the knowledge and resources needed to effectively navigate the process of enforcing their employment tribunal award to ensure they receive the compensation or remedies they are entitled to under UK law.
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Enforce employment tribunal award

service If an employee has won an employment tribunal award, they may want to enforce it if the employer does not pay voluntarily. This can be done by applying to the court for a writ of execution, which is a court order requiring the employer to pay the amount owed. If the employer does not pay, they may be subject to further penalties, such as having their assets seized.