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An Employment Tribunal Management Order is a document that sets out the timetable and process for an employment tribunal case. It is used to manage cases that are complex or have a large number of parties involved. The order will outline the steps that need to be taken by both the employer and the employee, and will set deadlines for each stage of the process.

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๐Ÿ“„ Employment tribunal management order


Case Management Order (Employment Tribunal)

A Case Management Order (Employment Tribunal) is a legal template designed to outline the procedures and deadlines that govern the progression of a specific case within an Employment Tribunal in the United Kingdom. This document is typically prepared and issued by the tribunal itself or a presiding judge, with the aim of promoting an organized and fair process for all parties involved.

This template serves as a roadmap for the case, providing crucial instructions and guidelines that dictate each phase of the legal proceedings. It outlines the various stages, such as initial submissions, witness statements, evidence disclosure, and potential hearings, and sets forth specific deadlines by which each party must comply. Additionally, it may address any practical arrangements, such as the scheduling of conferences, site visits, or expert testimonies, ensuring the smooth progression of the case.

The Case Management Order is designed to streamline the legal process, encouraging the efficient use of time and resources. It helps the parties understand their roles and responsibilities, ensuring that all relevant information is submitted and disclosed within specified timelines. By implementing this template, the tribunal aims to maintain an organized and structured environment, facilitating the resolution of employment disputes in an impartial and fair manner, in accordance with UK employment laws and regulations.
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1. If an individual believes that their employer has treated them unfairly or unlawfully, they may want to go to an employment tribunal. 2. An employment tribunal can also be used if an individual has been dismissed from their job and believes that the dismissal was unfair. 3. Finally, an employment tribunal can be used if an individual believes that they have been discriminated against by their employer.