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A employment reference letter covers the employee's job duties, performance, and conduct. The letter may also include information about the employee's character and work ethic. The letter should be positive and provide an accurate portrayal of the employee's work history.

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๐Ÿ“‚ Employment reference letter


Request Information About Work Done For Other Employers For Working Time Regulations Compliance (Letter To Employee)

This legal template is a letter addressed to an employee requesting information related to their work done for other employers. The purpose of this template is to gather details necessary for ensuring compliance with the working time regulations as mandated by UK law.

The letter seeks to collect specific information regarding the employee's work done for other employers, including related job roles, working hours, and any potential overlapping of shifts or notifications in cases where the employee is engaged in multiple professional activities.

By utilizing this template, employers aim to monitor and assess the employee's overall working hours and workload to ensure they comply with legal standards set in place by the UK government. The template also serves as a means to evaluate potential conflicts or excessive working hours that might adversely impact the employee's well-being or job performance.

In summary, this legal template provides a systematic approach for employers operating within the UK to request necessary information from employees regarding their work done for other employers. This information helps ensure compliance with the working time regulations and ultimately promotes a balanced work-life for the employee.
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