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An employee termination letter is a letter that an employer gives to an employee to let them know that they have been fired from their job. The letter will usually state the reason for the termination, and it may also include information about severance pay and benefits.

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๐Ÿ”š Employee Termination Letter


Garden Leave Letter (Dismissal or Resignation)

The Garden Leave Letter (Dismissal or Resignation) under UK law is a legal template that serves as a written notice informing an employee, or an employer, about the activation of a garden leave arrangement after the employee's dismissal or resignation. Garden leave is a common practice in the United Kingdom, particularly in employment contracts involving high-level positions or those with access to sensitive information.

This template outlines the necessary information and obligations that both parties must adhere to during the garden leave period. It typically includes details about the employee's last working day, salary, benefits, and any other relevant terms and conditions. The purpose of garden leave is to restrict an employee from attending the workplace or engaging in any activities that may adversely affect the employer's interests during the notice period.

The letter template also emphasizes the employee's ongoing contractual obligations, such as the duty of confidentiality and non-compete clauses that remain in force even during garden leave. It may include instructions related to the return of company property, systems access, and the requirement to refrain from soliciting clients or fellow colleagues.

By utilizing this legal template, both the employer and the departing employee can ensure a smooth and legally compliant transition, protecting the employer's business interests while enabling the employee to honor their contractual obligations. It provides a clear framework for the garden leave arrangement, helping to minimize any potential conflicts and maintaining a professional relationship between the parties involved.
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Terminate an employee

1. The employee may be engaging in behavior that is detrimental to the company, such as stealing company property or engaging in illegal activity. 2. The employee may be consistently violating company policy, such as being chronically late or absent, or engaging in disruptive behavior. 3. The employee may be underperforming in their role, or may not be a good fit for the company.