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A contract term extension letter is a document that is used to extend the terms of a contract. This could include extending the length of the contract, the payment terms, or the delivery terms. The letter should state the reason for the extension and the new terms that will be in place.

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๐Ÿ“‘ Contract term extension letter


Contract Extension Letter (Public Procurement Regime)

A Contract Extension Letter (Public Procurement Regime) under UK law is a legal template that outlines the agreed-upon extension of a contract between a public authority or governmental body and a private entity, governed by the regulations and guidelines set forth in the UK public procurement regime.

This template serves as a formal document to facilitate the extension of a contract beyond its original expiration date, ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and keeping both parties legally protected. It includes essential details such as the names and addresses of the parties involved, the original contract's reference number, and the specific terms of the proposed extension.

The contract extension letter also specifies the reasons for the extension, highlighting any circumstances or situations that necessitate the continuation of the contractual arrangement. Furthermore, it outlines the new agreed-upon duration, revised milestones, and the terms and conditions of the extended contract, including any changes in pricing or deliverables.

In adhering to the legal framework of the UK public procurement regime, this template ensures that both parties understand the obligations, liabilities, and rights associated with the extended contract. It enables clarity and transparency throughout the extension process, minimizing potential disputes and facilitating a smooth transition while upholding fairness, accountability, and compliance with the applicable legal requirements.
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Extend term of contract

If a party wants to continue working under the same contract, they may want to extend the term of the contract. This could be for many reasons, such as if both parties are happy with the current arrangement, or if the original contract was only for a short period of time and both parties want to continue the arrangement for a longer period. If the contract does not specify a date for it to end, then either party can give notice to end the contract. However, if the contract does specify an end date, then both parties must agree to any extension of the term.