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A consent to general meeting is a meeting where shareholders of a company vote on corporate matters. The matters that are voted on are typically decided by the board of directors, but shareholders may have the ability to vote on certain matters if they have a significant ownership stake in the company.

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🪙 Consent to general meeting


Standard Document To Consent To Short Notice Of A General Meeting (Company Limited By Shares)

This legal template is designed for a company limited by shares operating under UK law. It serves as a standard document that authorizes and obtains consent from shareholders for holding a general meeting at short notice.

In accordance with the Companies Act and the company's articles of association, certain procedures need to be followed when calling a general meeting. However, there may be instances where an extraordinary situation arises, necessitating the need for a meeting to be convened at short notice, without adhering to the usual timeframes.

This template ensures compliance with legal requirements by obtaining the consent of all shareholders to waive the standard notice period. By consenting, shareholders confirm their understanding of the urgency or exceptional circumstances leading to the short notice and agree to proceed with the general meeting. The template also includes details such as the meeting date, time, venue, and agenda items to be discussed.

By using this template, companies can ensure that they have properly documented the consent of all shareholders, which is essential to demonstrate adherence to legal obligations and protect the company's decision-making processes.
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