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A conditional fee agreement is a contract between a lawyer and their client that states that the lawyer will only receive a fee if the case is won. If the case is lost, the lawyer does not receive a fee. These agreements are typically used in personal injury cases.

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💼 Conditional fee agreement


Conditional Fee Agreement (Discounted)

This is an example of a discounted conditional fee agreement (CFA). It could serve as a useful starting point when drafting such an agreement, but will need to be tailored to your particular circumstances and needs. Read this CFA in conjunction with the integrated drafting notes.

What to watch out for

  • The agreement should be tailored to your particular circumstances and needs
  • The agreement should be read in conjunction with the integrated drafting notes
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    When an individual is seeking legal representation, but does not have the financial resources to pay for an attorney, they may enter into a conditional fee agreement (CFA). Under a CFA, the lawyer agrees to work for a reduced rate or no fee at all, contingent upon the success of the case. If the case is successful, the lawyer will receive a percentage of the damages awarded. CFAs are often used in personal injury cases, where the individual may not have the money to pay an attorney upfront, but could potentially receive a large sum of money if the case is successful.