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A competition or prize agreement is a contract between the organizer of a competition or prize and the participants. The agreement sets out the terms and conditions of the competition or prize, and the rights and obligations of the parties. The agreement may also include a section on liability, in which the organizer agrees to indemnify the participants against any claims arising from the competition or prize.

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💼 Competition or prize agreement


Simple Terms And Conditions For Prize Draw Competitions (UK)

This legal template is designed to outline the terms and conditions for prize draw competitions operating within the United Kingdom, in accordance with UK law. The document provides a clear and concise set of rules and regulations for participants to follow when entering the competition and for the organizer to adhere to when conducting the draw. It covers various aspects such as eligibility criteria, entry methods, start and end dates, prize details, winner selection and notification processes, as well as any additional terms specific to the competition. By utilizing this template, participants can gain a comprehensive understanding of their rights and responsibilities, while the organizer can ensure compliance with relevant laws and maintain transparency throughout the competition.
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