💼 Compassionate leave policy

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A compassionate leave policy is a set of guidelines that employers may choose to put in place in order to provide employees with paid or unpaid time off in the event of a major life event, such as the death of a close family member. The specifics of what is covered under a compassionate leave policy will vary from employer to employer, but typically the leave can be used for things like attending funerals, making arrangements, and taking care of any immediate family members who are affected by the death.

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💼 Compassionate leave policy


Compassionate Leave Policy (Bereavement or Serious Illness)

This document is a policy on compassionate leave, to be included in a staff handbook. It covers leave for employees to deal with traumatic events such as bereavement or serious illness affecting a family member.

What to watch out for

  • The amount of leave that is allowed
  • The conditions under which leave may be taken
  • The notice that must be given before taking leave
  • The documentation that must be provided to support the request for leave
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    Create a compassionate leave policy

    A compassionate leave policy is a leave of absence from work that is granted to an employee in order to deal with a death or serious illness in the family. A compassionate leave policy is an important part of a company's employee benefits package, as it allows employees to take the time they need to deal with a difficult situation.