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If an employee is moving to a new company, their new employer will need to confirm their eligibility to work in the UK. The change of employer letter is a document that does this. It is a confirmation from the Home Office that the employee is allowed to work in the UK and that their previous employer has no objections to their new employment.

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💼 Change of employer letter


Standard First Letter Changing Migrant Workers Sponsor In The UK (Changing Employers)

This legal template is designed to assist individuals who are migrant workers in the UK and wish to change their sponsoring employer. It outlines the standard first letter that can be used to officially communicate this intention in accordance with UK law.

The template could cover various aspects such as the worker's current employment details, including the name of the existing employer, the length of employment, and the terms of the sponsorship agreement. It may also detail the worker's reasons for seeking a change in sponsorship, such as new job opportunities or better work conditions.

Moreover, the template may highlight relevant UK laws and regulations governing the process of changing employers for migrant workers. This could include references to specific sections or provisions of the Immigration Rules, as well as any additional requirements or procedures that need to be followed.

The purpose of this template is to provide a structured and comprehensive framework to guide individuals through the initial step of notifying their intention to change sponsoring employers. This ensures that the communication is legally compliant while effectively conveying the migrant worker's intentions and reasons for seeking a new sponsorship arrangement.

It is important to note that this template serves as a general guide and should be adapted to the unique circumstances and specific legal requirements of each case. It is always recommended to seek professional legal advice or consult an immigration specialist to ensure compliance with current UK law and to address any individual concerns or complexities related to changing employers as a migrant worker.
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