🖋️ Auditor appointment resolution

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A auditor appointment resolution is a document that officially appoints an auditor and outlines their duties. This resolution is important because it ensures that the auditor is held accountable for their actions and that they understand their responsibilities.

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🖋️ Auditor appointment resolution


Appointing An Auditor (Resolutions For Private And Public Companies)

A resolution for the appointment and remuneration of auditors by private and public companies.

What to watch out for

  • The auditor's qualifications
  • The auditor's independence
  • The auditor's fees
  • The auditor's previous work
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    Associated business activities

    Appoint and remunerate auditors

    1. The company may want to have an independent audit to provide assurance to shareholders that the financial statements are accurate. 2. The company may be required to have an audit by law or regulation. 3. The company may want to have an audit to improve its internal controls.