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An administration extension order is a court order that allows a company to continue to trade and avoid being wound up for a period of time. The order gives the company time to pay its debts, although it may require the company to make regular payments to its creditors. The order may also place restrictions on the company’s activities, such as banning it from taking on new debt.

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📰 Administration extension order


Proposed Order For Application to Extend the Term of Administration for a Company

The "Proposed Order For Application to Extend the Term of Administration for a Company under UK law" is a legal template that assists in the process of requesting an extension for the administration period of a company in the United Kingdom.

Under UK law, administration is a insolvency process that aims to rescue and rehabilitate financially troubled businesses. It involves the appointment of an insolvency practitioner (an administrator) who takes control of the company's affairs, with the objective of maximizing returns for creditors or achieving a more beneficial outcome than immediate liquidation.

However, there are instances when the standard administration period of one year may not be sufficient to accomplish the restructuring and recovery goals. This template provides a proposed order that can be presented to the relevant court, seeking permission to extend the administration period beyond the initial one-year term.

The template outlines the key reasons justifying the need for the extension, such as complexity of the company's financial situation, ongoing negotiations with stakeholders, unforeseen circumstances impacting the administration process, or the need for additional time to develop and implement an effective rescue plan.

In the proposed order, specific details pertinent to the company, such as its name, registration number, and administrators' information, are included. The template also guides the drafting of the order by providing sections for the court's consideration, including a timeline for the extension and any conditions or restrictions that may be deemed necessary.

By utilizing this template, legal professionals can ensure the proper presentation of their application for extending the term of administration, helping to navigate the appropriate legal processes in the UK and complying with relevant regulations.
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Extend company administration

1. Administration extensions are often used when a company is facing financial difficulties and is seeking to avoid insolvency. 2. Administration extensions can also be used to allow a company more time to restructure its affairs and come up with a plan to repay its creditors. 3. Finally, administration extensions may be sought in order to give a company more time to sell off assets or raise new capital.