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A standstill letter is a written agreement between two parties that outlines the terms of a business transaction or project. The letter is used to prevent any misunderstanding or miscommunication between the parties.

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🖊️ Standstill letter


Letter To Notify Supplier Standstill Period Complete (Without Challenge)

This legal template is designed to aid in the drafting of a letter to notify a supplier that the standstill period, without any untoward challenges, under UK law has come to an end. In the context of public procurement, a standstill period refers to the period of time between the notification of a contract award decision and the formal signing of the contract. During this standstill period, unsuccessful bidders have the opportunity to challenge the award decision if they believe it was made unfairly or in breach of procurement regulations. However, if the standstill period passes without any legal challenges being raised by unsuccessful bidders, the buyer can proceed with the signing of the contract. This template letter serves as a formal notification to the supplier that the standstill period has been completed without any such challenges, thereby confirming their successful bid and allowing for the finalization of the contractual agreement.
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Confirm standstill period

1. If a party wants to ensure that there is no misunderstanding about the start date or duration of a standstill period, they may want to confirm the details in writing. 2. A standstill letter can also be used to confirm the terms of an agreement reached orally, or to remind the other party of their obligations under the agreement. 3. In some cases, a standstill letter may be required by law or regulation, or it may be advisable to have one in order to avoid disputes or misunderstanding down the road.