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Agency worker contracts cover the legal rights of agency workers. These include the right to equal treatment in pay and working conditions, and the right to certain basic employment rights, such as the right to paid annual leave. The contract will also set out the duties of the agency worker and the employer.

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💼 Agency worker contract


Agency Staff Services Contact

This legal template could be a comprehensive agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of a contractual relationship between a company (the "Client") and an agency that provides staff services (the "Agency") under UK law. It covers the essential aspects of the agreement, including the responsibilities and obligations of both parties, the duration of the contract, the scope of services to be provided, and the compensation and payment terms. The template may also address matters related to the recruitment and training of agency staff, as well as the allocation of resources and equipment necessary for the performance of the services. Additionally, it could include provisions related to confidentiality, intellectual property, termination of the agreement, and dispute resolution mechanisms. The template aims to protect the rights and interests of both the Client and the Agency, ensuring a transparent and mutually beneficial working relationship.
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Agency worker contract

There are many reasons why someone might want to use an agency worker contract. Agency workers are often used to fill temporary positions within a company, or to provide extra staff during busy periods. Agency workers may also be used to cover for staff who are on leave, or who are unable to work for other reasons. Agency workers are typically paid an hourly rate, which may be higher than the rate paid to permanent staff.