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Atlassian Corporation Plc is a software business based in Australia that creates tools for software engineers, project managers, and other software development teams. It was founded in Sydney in 2002, includes flagship products JIRA and Confluence, employs 6000+ people and has $1bn in annual revenues.

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Term Sheet (Atlassian)

This comprehensive term sheet, drafted by Atlassian and customisable on the Genie AI platform, aims to remove confusion surrounding the M&A process, particularly for founders who are selling a company for the first time. It contains explanations of key terms to aid transparency and a fair agreement.

By moving away from one-sided, buyer-favourable terms, this term sheet may reduce friction and avoid lengthy negotiations.

Some of the major terms to pay attention to are: purchase price, founders’ roles, stock vs. cash consideration, retention equity, indemnification, escrow and risk allocation.

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