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The term "Discloser" refers to an individual or company that is disclosing its confidential information to another party. It can be used in any legal contract to help establish who will be disclosing confidential information, but one example where it is often included is confidentiality agreements / non-disclosure agreements. Disclosers are typically referenced alongside other terms that help identify who is disclosing confidential information and who is receiving confidential information, like "Confidential Information" or "Information" (which can often be used interchangeably) and the "Recipient".

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One Way NDA UK

The One Way NDA UK under UK law is a legal template that outlines a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) between two parties. In this particular agreement, one party is required to keep certain confidential information confidential and refrain from disclosing it to any third party. This NDA template is specifically applicable in the United Kingdom, and it establishes the legal obligations, rights, and responsibilities of both the disclosing party (the one sharing the confidential information) and the receiving party (the one who obtains the information and must maintain confidentiality).

This legal template serves an important purpose in industries or situations where sensitive information needs to be shared, such as trade secrets, business strategies, financial data, intellectual property, or any other confidential information. The NDA ensures that the receiving party has a clear understanding of their duty to safeguard the confidential information and outlines the consequences for breaching the agreement. It also establishes the duration of the confidentiality obligation, the permitted use of the information, and any exceptions or limitations to that use.

The One Way NDA UK template is designed to provide a fair and balanced approach to confidentiality, while abiding by the laws and regulations of the United Kingdom. It offers a legally robust framework to protect the disclosing party's proprietary information and helps maintain a certain level of trust and confidence between the parties involved. This template can be adapted and customized to fit the specific needs and circumstances of the parties entering into the one-way NDA arrangement in the United Kingdom.
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