The Using AI Podcast

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AI Startup Founder (Rafie Faruq), ML Research Scientist (Alex Papadopoulos Korfiatis) and Business Technology and SaaS Geek (Alex Denne) focus on how people use AI every day to get more done 🎉

Podcast format

Part 1: AI/ML News

Part 2: Discussion around the theme

Part 3: Craziest thing

Meet the panel

Delving into the intellectual playground of algorithms, data, and groundbreaking AI and ML discoveries!

Alex Papodopoulos Korfiatis

ML Research Scientist

Since co-founding Genie AI in 2017, I've spent hundreds of hours discussing AI with businesses, lawyers, investors and senior advisors.

Rafie Faruq


AI is a step-change in human productivity. The hype will turn into genuine commercial gains, I'm sure of it.

Alex Denne

Growth Marketing Lead