Szab Gall (BA, LLB, MBA)

ex-General Counsel, Tesco

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Master Services Agreement (SaaS)

The Master Services Agreement (MSA) is a framework services agreement for the provision of a long term product or service to a company, or a set of services, and is designed to be extensible for future products and services to be provided.

A MSA allows a company to safeguard against existing or future losses as the agreement provides indemnification and the allocation of risk.

This template includes the necessary clauses and terms to ensure that the contract is a legally binding agreement and sets out the terms and conditions under which the company will provide their services and defines the typical commercial terms such as payment, term and termination as well as the assignment of IP.

The agreement protects both parties by clearly defining the expectations and responsibilities of each, and can help avoid disputes down the road.

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An experienced and qualified Senior lawyer who has worked across a broad range of legal areas, both in private practice and in-house. Szab is skilled in complex problem solving, strategic and commercial thinking, and transformation/transaction structuring. An effective negotiator and communicator, with the ability to work autonomously and apply shrewd insight and commercial judgement. A proven leader and teambuilder, with a passion for technology.