FAQ for partner organizations

Take a look through our Frequently Asked Questions below to find out all about working in partnership with Genie AI.

If you'd like us to send through a partnerships 'media pack', or you can't find the answer to your question here, please complete the partnerships sign up form.

Q. What can you offer partners?

A. We offer all of the following to our partners as standard:

  • Triple the freemium package for your members (more than enough legal templates, clauses, insights and Q&A to confidently reach Series A for a noncomplex business)
  • Member access to 100+ expert lawyers
  • A profile on our partners page (including a backlink)
  • Aggregated usage data on members you referred to us (so you can tailor legal workshops directly to your members actual needs, not just what you 'think' they need)
  • A unique referral ID code and signup link to share so you can track your referrals
  • A Genie AI partner media pack with logo, description, slides etc.

We can offer all of the following to our partners on request:

  • A revenue or profit share agreement
  • Guaranteed promotion of your organization on business toolkits relevant to your members e.g. (How to file an R&D Tax Credit Claim)
  • Attribution and partner data management through tools like crossbeam
  • Workshops provided by a member of the Genie AI team or our Legal Advisors
  • Promotion of your services in our monthly newsletter

Q. What do you expect in return from your partners?

A. Just one thing, internal promotion of your unique Genie AI signup link. This could be on an internal list of discounts for members, or a newsletter, or your slack community - whatever works for you and your members.

We'd also like to check in every now and then and find out how we can make the partnership as win-win as possible.

Q. What does a good partner look like to Genie AI, exactly?

A. An organisation, group or association who want to empower business founders to grow and scale. Particularly if these founders would value free access to high quality legal templates, clauses and sector-specific information. Examples of these are

  • Business accelerators
  • Business incubators
  • Business parks / tech parks / innovation clusters
  • Coworking spaces
  • Online business communities
  • Business associations (e.g. by sector or region)
  • Adjacent companies which serve the legal needs of SMEs (e.g. accountants, insurers, publishers, recruiters, HR providers)
  • Resource libraries and startup hubs (e.g. Enterprise Nation, TechNation, StartupStash)

If your organisation fits into one of the above categories, please contact us.

Q. What if we already partner with a firm which provides legal help to our members?

A. We don't aim to replace lawyers. In fact, we believe we will grow the overall commercial market for legal advice by successfully achieving our mission.

If the critical commercial legal knowledge inside every lawyer's mind is made publicly available, cash-poor founders will have access to better self-serve legal advice and tools. When they're thriving as a result, they'll need access to more specialised advice and that's where lawyers come in.

Quite simply, Genie AI can't argue patent infringement on your behalf or manage grievances or employment tribunals.

So the legal firms you partner with (like our contributors from top law firms) can work alongside us, and in time we may be able to refer and generate high-quality leads for them.

If you're still not sure on this subject - talk to us, we haven't come across a single issue like this so far.

Q. We already have a structure to our partnerships, can you accommodate that?

A. Yes of course! No problem.

Q. Do we need to sign anything?

A. No, you don't need to.

We can send over a partnership agreement or a referral agreement if you would like to enter into a formal relationship. Or you can send us yours, we don't mind.

We are happy to keep it informal to start with, and progress to formal agreements e.g. providing a revenue share or workshops to your members if the partnership grows in scale and shows promise.

Q. As a partner, can I publish business advice on your resource hub or blog?

A. Yes, please do! Contact Alex and he can suggest a relevant topic, or let him know what you have in mind and he can get back to you.

Q. As a partner, can I create and share my own templates?

A. Yes of course! You will be able to import your own google doc or word templates to Genie AI. Once imported you can edit these, and gather usage data, including which areas most frequently get negotiated.

Q. If I am keen to partner how do I get started?

A. Please reach out to Charlette Hinds who will then organise an Onboarding session with our Partnerships Manager, Alex. You can also just book a meeting in with Alex here.